Photo by Liv Harter

Nichole Shaw is a 2021 University of Iowa graduate with a B.A. in journalism and English on the publishing track from the University of Iowa. During her time there, she earned university honors and honors in the major with distinction.

Nichole currently works as an Associate Editor at Imagination Publishing in Chicago. She is also the current Print Editorial Lead of The Off-Kilter Times, as well as the Editor of Off-Kilter Media, an inclusive arts and culture magazine company. In her spare time, she also contributes as a Columnist for The Gazette.

Previously, she’s worked for the Chicago Sun-Times as a general assignment reporter. The New York Times SJI reporter is a prestigious title Nichole held for spring 2021, working with a special cohort of reporters to produce a multimedia package reflecting on the topics of race and police killings one year after George Floyd’s murder.

Nichole held the position of columnist at The Daily Iowan, an independent newspaper in Iowa City produced entirely by students, from 2018 to 2019. Since then, she left the paper to pursue her magazine work and instead became a member of The Daily Iowan’s Board of Trustees, SPI Board, serving as the only current student with that position. She finished out her last year on the board as the executive chairperson from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021.

She was also the communications director at Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists, where she managed communications, web design, magazine production, and hosted their bi-weekly podcast THE SOURCE.

In all these positions, her mission has been to tell the stories of voices that often go unheard or ignored in mainstream media.