Oracles of Iowa City

Public Space One (PS1), a community arts organization, and the Center for Afrofuturist Studies (CAS), a residency program bringing artists of color to Iowa City, is working on a project funded by the City of Iowa City and University of Iowa called Oracles of Iowa City. The project is, at face value, two murals on a highly visible parking ramp in downtown Iowa City…but below the surface, the project represents commitment, accountability, and belief in equitable Black futures. In the words of the organizing team, “the mural in itself is not enough.”

This educational social set on “weaponize” and “Black joy” establishes easy-to-understand context behind the provocative language used in the murals. The social set was primarily created to help the public understand the intention behind the murals and was the primary reason the Iowa City public art committee agreed to approve installation of the Oracles of Iowa City.