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Anna Hamilton

Speaking to Anna Hamilton is like having a bucket of cold water thrown on you after a long day in the sweltering heat: refreshing…Oddly enough, talking with Hamilton was like talking to one of my college friends—familiar, a little chaotic, and supportive as f*ck. With Hamilton’s new song, “Self Help,” the concept of devoting yourself to everyone else is the centerpoint of discussion.


In meeting with artist Notelle, a Nashville-based dark industrial and nightmare pop artist, I relished in the glimpse of hope her recent single, “Diet Change,” gave me…Notelle is vulnerable in the vulnerability she allows us as outsiders to see, giving us a warming connection to someone who is learning to heal from the abuse of someone that has plagued your every action, every thought—even the way you view yourself.

Rival Summers

Leo Bautista is like speaking to myself in another form. We both have struggled with finding who we are as people of color in predominantly white environments and still do to some extent. However, our creative outlets have allowed for immense growth and radical self care when we were denied the opportunity in the roles that were thrust upon us…For Bautista, he has the art of music in being a powerful beacon of hope that both allowed for vulnerable self discovery and impactful resonance with humanity.


The vibes are immaculate in this Atlantic Records debut. For the single and music video “Sad Song,” you feel like you’re waking up and seeing yourself reflected in the movements of EBEN and the lyrics he spins. It’s honestly a trip through the mundanities of waking up in bed alone, reminiscing on an old flame and the feelings that were once associated with them, before ending in a resolution where we can find our self worth and sink our teeth into the freshness of new experiences.

Jake Troth

Jake Troth is a no-bullshit artist and songwriter. Rather than play dress-up in flowery wording, he aims to have listeners from a diverse demographic resonate with his music by culminating chord progressions, lyrics, tempo, melody, and more into something simple, but effective. Music has been his lifeline since the times when he sat in the back of his father’s car, listening to legends like The Beatles, Paul Simon, and Eleanor Rigby.

Emma Hern

Emma Hern is a singer-songwriter who lives in the space she’s created for herself confidently—a space of female empowerment, sensual dancing, 9 pm tea on a Saturday night, and old-soul-pop-rock-blues music. She lives to connect with people, it’s what gets her out of bed every day, as she continues to practice the universal language of music.

Deau Eyes

Deau Eyes is an indie, rock n’ roll artist that lives in a constant state of ebb and flow, floating through the atmosphere and vibing with the energy around her. A classic Gemini Spirit, Deau Eyes—whose real name is Ali Thibodeau—tries to keep things as fun as possible all the time, opening herself up to the world around her, changing with it, arriving at a better place.

Lily DeTaeye

Lily DeTaeye is a singer/songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa, who endeavors to engage in the art of storytelling, connecting individuals together through her folk, soft rock, and blues songs with a twinge of jazz. A young woman who loves peanut butter and long walks with her dog, Lily transforms herself into a captivating presence to be taken seriously on stage as she discussed the topics and points of contention around sexual assault, sexism, and mental health, among other things.

Tiphanie Doucet

Tiphanie Doucet is a French-American singer, songwriter, and musician. From the age of 17, she learned to be independent, making an authentic path for herself as she traveled from Paris, France, to the United States in her early twenties. With a passion to be one with her mind, body, and soul. Doucet tells us about the beauty of music and performance as a way to be a creator that connects with others and makes them feel good about life.

Hallie Spoor

Hallie Spoor is a soul that transcends time and space with her music, floating above the atmosphere to connect with the people around her. In her music, she ensures women supporting women is always at the forefront, because there’s nothing more beautiful.

James Gardin

James Gardin is a free-flowing, authentic human being who strives to create art with his audience in mind. He specifically creates art that ensures no one is alone, that gives the message he will be there for you to connect with and identify with.

Erik Rabaska

Erik Rabasca is a poetic soul, transcending the limitations of life to unite people together in his universal mission for selfless love. This passion fuses into the core of the music his band, Light Warriors, creates when they step into a performance space with the intention to connect the people who have gathered together.


Roses Rotting In Your Glass

Enter into the soundscape of Sonny Falls—it’s quick. You’re thrust into their garage space as the electric guitar riffs in the background. The anthemic alternative rock with a hint of punk essence is a familiar energy. Listening to Sonny’s latest single, “Roses Rotting In Your Glass,” feels like going to a house party—you know the one where a friend of a friend invites you and you become lost in a sea of strangers who want nothing but to escape into a boundless world.

What Are You Gonna Tell Her: Mickey Guyton

In Mickey Guyton’s new release of her EP, “Bridges,” my heart clenched in her contemporary pop song “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” As a queer woman of color, I teared up listening to the lyricism that flowed out of Guyton’s vocals. Issues that I struggle with were wrenched out of Guyton on this track, such as sexism, racism, queer visibility, sexual assault, and trauma. As I listen to the piano keys rendered in the background of this ballad, I am struck by how much vulnerability is shown to the listener.

The Things I Thought About, You Started To Rhyme: Sen Morimoto

Listening to this song as the rain buckets down unto the asphalt of my apartment parking lot, I am transported to another dimension, one where I float between the metaspace of my physical presence in the world and my mental perception of identity in an arena that’s all but new to me. I’m on the roof of my building, vibing out as the stripped down hip-hop track takes over my senses, the alt energy trickling through and dragging me through realms unknown.


Smith straddles the line between crushing heartbreak and freeing independence eloquently in this track, as they exhibit an awareness of their partner’s cruelness while also making it clear that they are stronger than the love they’ve been robbed of. The song is actually a rather refreshing rendition of the tragedy that comes with lost love, as usually it’s regarded as something dismal and depressing. While we understand the pain and heartbreak that Smith wants us to, we simultaneously get to witness the liberating essence of letting go a toxic person and finding strength in oneself.

The Earth Is Flat

I’ll be honest, when I saw the title of Alexander Wren’s newest release, I was majorly skeptical. It’s a bold move to name your single “The Earth Is Flat,” especially when we have, y’know, science to prove that the earth is, in fact, not flat. However, I put my predisposition to dismiss the song aside and took a listen earlier this afternoon. Wren’s newest single is, in fact, a heartfelt banger.

We’ll Be Alright

Be prepared to open up a slot on your vibin’ playlist, because Gabrielle Grace released her third single today, titled “We’ll Be Alright.” The track is a folk pop song with a real Maggie Rogers essence that bleeds in, what with her singer-songwriter, banjo-folk early identity blended with a bit of electronic dance music and mainstream pop.

FIGHT – Wyatt Waddell

There is profound hope and gratitude, however, for the black artists that have taken this time to create something for their community, to truly serve them, feed them, all while reflecting the times for which we are all entrenched in.

Let It Be – Shawnee Dez

It opens in the belly of the black woman, slipping through the crevices of her existence and entering into a world unknown—a world where one can simply “be.”

White City, Black World

Michael Damani has reminded us that this fight is not over in a new record lush with swanky guitar riffs and a softened blend of reggae and blues. The anthem makes for a rather intoxicating awareness…

Brandon James

“Drifting,” the title track of Chicago R&B soul artist Brandon James’ recent EP, is an emotional journey of love and forgiveness. In a time when we’re so consumed with the chaos of the fast-moving news and ever evolving circumstances of our personal lives, “Drifting” gives us the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with our humanity, remembering the importance of love and forgiveness, as well as human connection to one another above all else.