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Javaron Buckley

Today, Black people are hanging from trees, shot dead in their own homes, and suffocated on the street in front of crowds. We are assaulted on the daily, with our very lives being snatched away from us and captured in the pixels and drives of smartphones. That is why it is important we understand the resources we have to protect ourselves in the wake of this revolution.

This is how I came to know Javaron Buckley, a Chicago lawyer from a small town called Bassfield in Mississippi.

The Sun Sings Us a Story

Meeting Sunny was like getting swept into an emotional current so intense it left you breathless. Laughter chimed through the social club as she visualized the fruition of her pop star dream. Her T-shirt’s shoulder pads were soaked in the tears that trickled down her smooth skin while she recounted the fight to survive amidst everything crashing down around her. A theatre of emotion exploded from her very being to teach us, to remind us what it meant to be human.


The True History Of America, As Celebrated By Black Folk

What to the Black American is your Fourth of July, America? While on that day we may have become independent from one oppressor, America was certainly not free—not when 3.95 million people in America were still enslaved by 7.4 percent of all American families five years after Douglass made this statement. Those numbers could even be low, since it was common for a White Southerner to be a slave master but not technically a slave owner. 

Let’s Take a Look at Snow Bunnies

You might see the headline of this story and think oh finally, a story about attractive young women who love to ski or a young child who is learning how to ski. If you roll with a different crowd, you might know this term as it relates to people, typically women, who are addicted to cocaine. If so, you’re in for a different kind of adventure, because this isn’t a story about skiing or cocaine. This is an expose of snow bunnies in the context of White women who explicitly fetishize their preference for relationships with Black men and vice versa. 

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