Off-Kilter Magazine

Womxn Like Us

A Super Soul Of Creation: Elexis Gibson

WOMXN (noun): superior beings in the context of emotional intelligence, for they are love and life itself, vital to the existence of mortal creatures as we know them; persons that multiply everything they touch, unreal in nature, powerful in exteriority.

The Awakening of Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Comfortable in creation and secure in sensibility, a womxn creates a space for herself. She invites others in to experience the strength that comes from demanding to be heard. It is here that womxn learn to take control over their lives and their bodies, picking up where their mothers left off.

An interWoven Awakening of Margot Greer

WOMXN (pl. noun): beings brought together by an inherent subjugation, flipping their status together in solidarity to connect with one another in brilliance and strength; spirits of soul who create life, spinning pièce de résistance.

The Awakening of the Womxn: Araba Ankuma

WOMXN: (noun) a being free to make their own decisions, unconcerned with what anyone else is thinking, content with their self, looking like a bag of m$ney — Araba Ankuma


D-Composed: A Black Interjection Demanding to be Heard

Special Feature: from issue 004. Kori Coleman and Danielle Taylor are redefining the identity of classical music by uplifting the Black voice and refusing to accommodate racist systems in the process.

Fostering Your “What-the-Fuck” Feelings

Special Feature: from issue 004. Singer-songwriter Taylor Gray makes music that naturally chronicles the exploration of his identity. He takes us into that journey.

Noah Chris

Noah Chris is a 21-year-old artist making moves for himself in Chicago. He brings about the vibrancy of love we need so much right now as he finds solace in Chicago as a home and music as a way to connect with people and learn from one another.


Issue 004: A New Era

We are on the verge of a cultural renaissance. As the new decade approaches, we, too, approach an era draped in enlightened points of view and reformed ways of thinking. We yearn to revise social aesthetics, rewrite the standards, and reconsider how people exist in between. So, join us.

Issue 005: Perception of Art

Issue 005 is an exploration of the introspectiveness of  Contemporary Art through stillness, motion, and texture. We are featuring Adrian Octavius Walker, Lawrence Ageyi, Therese Niedbala, and The Heart & Soul of Amanda Harth.